A finely tuned AC system protects your home from outside temperatures – and high energy costs. Technical expertise and rebates provided by NV Energy’s EXACTcomfort program make it easy and cost-effective to enhance the coziness and energy efficiency of your home. With EXACTcomfort, you’ll discover the everyday comfort (and savings) that only a precision tune-up can bring.

Don’t let your money escape through the leaky ducts.

On average, homes in the U.S. lost more than 20% of the air in their ducts to leakage, so it’s safe to assume that you too may have duct leaks.

Airtight ducts mean lower energy costs

EXACTcomfort Contractors use diagnostic testing to measure the amount of air that escapes from your ducts, then determine the best way to seal your leaks.

Valuable rebates and easy solutions

With available rebates up to $425, NV Energy’s EXACTcomfort program is the easy and cost-effective way to seal ducts and keep them from wasting money in the future.

Do I qualify?

Your single-family, multifamily or manufactured home qualifies if its at least 20 years old and you have not previously participated in a NV energy duct sealing program.

Make your home a savings haven.

Your contractor’s precise evaluation of your home’s current systems will help you decide the best steps to make your home more comfortable and affordable, and NV Energy’s instant rebates can save you up to $1,575 in the process.

By repairing or replacing your current AC system and making sure your ducts are properly sealed, we can help you:

  • improve your home’s heating and cooling efficiency by up to 20 percent
  • enhance the indoor comfort of your home
  • lower your heating and cooling bills
  • increase the reliability and longevity of your AC equipment

Step 1

Contact Air Fix Inc. and schedule an appointment.

Step 2

Air Fix visits your home, diagnoses your system and shares with you which services are needed. We will then provide a quote for those services, and identify which NV Energy rebates are applicable.

Step 3

You decide which services you want, we perform the work, and the rebates show up as instant discounts in your invoice. You simply pay less.


  • While NV Energy provides rebates upon completion of the above steps, any charges for services or products constitutes an agreement between the customer and AirFix and is not regulated by NV Energy.
  • EXACTcomfort is only available to customers in our service territory in the southern part of Nevada .
  • NV Energy is also here to help you find ways to conserve energy … if you have additional questions, please contact them at … ExactComfortAC@nvenergy.com.
AirFix Inc. Is a Licensed Contractor of the EXACTcomfort Program.